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9 Hours of N's Toy Room
Hour 1
He was nestled against the thick marble door, his cheek grinding against the frame. His green mane was no longer tied together, simply sprawled out in a frizzled way that made him look manic. His eyes were bloodshot, sore from the crying. He had cried a lot. He knew that it never did anything good for him, but it was nice to cry. It was all that he knew how to do when he got this way.
The intercom clicked, and he turned towards the crude speaker that was hung upon his room's ceiling corner.
"Good morning, N. Are you done with your tantrum?" a voice fizzled.
N turned back to the door. His hand was bruised from hitting it, a deep purple splotch blossoming onto his knuckles. He bit his lip and shamefully turned to the speaker once more, as much as he hated it. The voice that came from it always gave him a headache.
"Yes, sir."
Hour 2
The door had been abandoned. N paced around the circle of his plush rug, his eyes locked to the pastel floor. His hands helplessly gripp
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Our Professional Lives
Part I:
Nopony likes change. To conform to a new lifestyle is to abandon what has become so precious to you, to have such an essential part of your life stripped away in favor of sewing on another piece to patch up the offending hole that has formed in your own self. Alas, though, it is a conflict that even the youngest of fillies and colts must face, no matter how trivial.
Snails patrolled along the neatened corridors of the small pens carefully, his long neck craned to the ground as to catch sight of any offending straws of hay or specks of dirt. His spectacles occasionally slid to the tip of his round nose, only to be shoved back by an unthinking spurt of magic.
The freshly groomed goats and sheep stared back at him with beady eyes of indifference as the golden stallion walked back and forth from station to station, eyes closed to slits. His limbs seemed to creak as he walked, like rusted door hinges in need of a good squirt of oil. Even so; he carried himself well for a colt
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Yes. DA. Why am I even here again? I can't draw. I can only write. Oh well... Sorry to anyone who has clicked onto this page expecting brilliant pieces of art. I'm really only here to post writings and fanfiction... as well as fav things that I like.

I'M ONLY POSTING WORK FROM OTHER SITES ONTO HERE. I'm mainly active on my fimfiction account here



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Welcome to MLP-FiM-Shipping! Come for the plot, stay for the love!
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Why thank you! It's an honor to be able to showcase my work here c: